Hot 100 6 20w
Airplay 10 24w
Sales 6 19w
Maxi-Singles 18 3w
UK Top 75 5 13w

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Madonna "Something to Remember"

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The only major single from Something to Remember, You'll See broke the record (at the time) for Madonna's highest debut on the Hot 100, bowing at #8. However, the track only managed to move up to #6 the next week. By contrast, lead singles from every other Madonna album (except "Madonna" and the Evita project) made it to the top 3. However, by peaking at #6, Madonna accomplished the interesting feat of having peaked at every position in the top ten. However, it did serve as a welcome break from Madonna's last two singles, the underperforming Bedtime Story and Human Nature. The song also had a rather incredible trajectory, peaking at #6 in its second week, dipping below the top ten and falling as low as #12, before climbing back into the top ten for two more weeks and reaching #8. Had the maxi-single release come that week instead of the week after, the song may have even been able to reach a new peak. Certainly an interesting side bar for You'll See.

The song was promoted as a sort of sequel to Take A Bow, the video featuring the same bullfighter from the Take A Bow video, as well as scenes lifted directly from the TAB video. Some fans later wanted a third part to the Take A Bow - You'll See storyline by making the video for The Power of Good-Bye yet another take on the Madonna-bullfighter relationship, but (thankfully) Madonna and WB never considered that idea. Personally, I think the idea of the sequel was rather uninspired and probably was motivated more by commercial potential than artistic reasons (after all, wouldn't you want to be consistently reminding the public of what is arguably Madonna's biggest hit?). The video, while pretty, doesn't seem to really say much.

The song, written by David Foster, better known for his work with artists like Celine Dion, was one of three new tracks for the Something to Remember project. Its slight Spanish flavor (and later its Spanish version, "Verás," which Madonna sang in reportedly near-perfect Spanish pronunciation, was promoted in Latin markets) served as a prelude to Evita. It also helped propel Something to Remember just over the double platinum line (recently re-certified as triple platinum), meaning that despite originating only one top 40 single, that album sold more copies than Erotica, which had four top 40 singles. STR did have the benefit of being a compilation album, however, and unlike Erotica, was perfect for the adult contemporary crowd.

TRIVIA: You'll See is Madonna's most successful single on Hot Adult Contemporary radio since Take A Bow, peaking at #5 and spending 28 weeks on the chart, landing as the 14th biggest AC hit of 1996.

by Michael Haussman
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